Smart Makers is a unique summer program modeled on the popular new Maker Movement. Blending art, design and engineering, the Maker Movement promotes STEAM learning (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) in schools and educational programs.

The Maker Movement is spreading through the U.S. and provides a platform for participants to share what they made using science, engineering, technology, math and creativity to dream and build something new…Maker Fairs are all over the U.S.!

At Smart Makers, we know that young learners come to us with their own action-packed creativity and imaginative intelligence. We help them focus those energies on making art and designing solutions to today’s questions in a collaborative setting that allows campers to develop their own ideas and share them with each other.

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2017 SMartmakers Summer Camps

Week 1 and 2: June 26 - July 7 DISCOVERY STEAM CAMp

Week 3: July 31- August 4 ART INTENSIVE 2D and 3D

Week 4: August 7 - August 11  SteMATH refresh AND CREATE

Week 5: August 14 - August 17  SteMATH refresh AND CREATE

Smart Makers Camp runs for four weeks during the summer. Campers may enroll in one or multiple weekly sessions. Two weeks are our signature STEAM themed camp, one is an art intensive, and two, late in summer are a math refresher for middle school students. Camp begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m., M - F. Cost is $340 per week. Campers bring a bag lunch.

Discovery STEAM Camp

In our exciting Discovery Camp we offer a mix of engineering and art projects and fun problem-solving challenges to spark a child’s natural creativity. We believe that kids are empowered by knowledge and that skills are acquired by doing. We work with diverse materials and tools that appeal to many interests and have three studios running all the time:

  • Art Studio
  • Fabrication Shop
  • Maker Studio

A camper can spend his or her morning session in one studio and stay with it or jump into another studio that afternoon. Exploring across disciplines is not only allowed but encouraged.

Themes are presented as a springboard, but the sky’s the limit:

Simple Circuits: Explore electricity, conductive materials and insulating materials with playdough!  

Biomimicry: Discover how ecology and biology inspire engineers to creatively solve real world problems.

Structures and Imaginative Environments: Build geodesic domes and architectural models.

Games and Arcades: Repurpose recycled materials into cool games you can play with your friends.

Cymatics: Be inspired and make sound come alive with cymatics the study of visible sound and vibrations.

Animation: Invent characters and story and film stop action animation.

We hope to see you there for a summer of invention and discovery!

The choices are endless…..bean shooters, paper plane launchers, coke and Mentos explosions etc….

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Art Intensive: Week 3, Ages 12 - 15

Take a blissful week for art!  Campers will work in metal – sculpture and jewelry -- and ceramic while also learning drawing and painting technique. Individual creativity is our roadmap; teachers enhance each artist’s self-expression with instruction about materials and technique.

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STEMathweek:  Refresh and Create!, ages 11 - 14

Will your child need a math “reboot” just before school starts again? We will refresh math skills for students heading into Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Investigations in Mathematics (IM), Algebra I and Geometry. Each day we’ll play with the intersection between math ideas and art. We’ll create inventive paper folding mobiles and soccer ball icosahedrons!

Instructor, Julie Philips is a MCPS teacher who has taught middle school math at all levels and Math 5/6 Compacted for 11 years. She is currently a teacher in the Center for the Highly Gifted at Barnsley Elementary school.

Depending upon fall course level, topics include:

  • Fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages and operations
  • Integers and Integer Operations
  • Order of Operations
  • Expressions and simplifying terms
  • Solving equations
  • Functions and Graphing
  • Probability
  • Data Display and analysis
  • Geometric Theorems and relationships

Math Art Fun:

  • Paper construction : Unit Origami and Platonic Solids
  • String Art using Parabolas
  •  Optical Illusions
  • Art in Motion Zoetrope Construction
  • Constructing Moebius Strips, the Torus, and Other Topology

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